NSF announces 1 February 99 as deadline for KDI proposals

9 December 1998

Dear Colleagues,

The National Science Foundation announces an opportunity in "Knowledge and
Distributed Intelligence," or KDI, an interdisciplinary and cross
disciplinary program designed to:

* generate, gather, model, and represent complex scientific data from new
sources and varying scales;

* transform this information into knowledge by combining, classifying, and
analyzing it in new ways;

* deepen our understanding of the cognitive, ethical, educational, legal
and social implications of new types of interactivity; and

* collaborate in sharing this knowledge and working together

KDI has three foci:

Knowledge Networking: knowledge integration, information flow,
interactivity among people, organizations, and communities;

Learning and Intelligent Systems: learning and intelligence in natural and
artificial systems; tools and environments to apply the understanding of
learning and intelligence in real situations;

New Computational Challenges: new computational approaches to frontier
science and engineering problems as well as problems involving data
intensive computations and simulations.

Preproposals are required for KDI this year.
Preproposals are due by noon (local time) on February 1, 1999.
Please see Proposal Solicitation NSF 99-29 for details.

The proposal solicitation may be found on the web at

General information on KDI and a list of KDI awards made in 1998 may be
found at http://www.ehr.nsf.gov/kdi/default.htm.

If you would like a copy of the KDI Proposal Solicitation (NSF 99-29),
please send an e-mail to pubs@nsf.gov or telephone 301-947-2722.