Arctic Workshop in Seattle 12-13 April 1999

7 January 1999


The 29th Annual Arctic Workshop, April 12-13, 1999, will be hosted by the
College of Forest Resources and Quaternary Research Center, University of
Washington, Seattle WA.

A website for the workshop
describes workshop agenda, submission of abstracts, local accommodations,
and registration.

Abstracts for talks (15-20 min) and posters should be submitted
electronically to Linda Brubaker by March 1, 1999. An abstract volume will
be available at the meeting. Deadline for registration March 15, 1999.

Registration fee is $65 for professional and $45 for students. For students
presenting papers, NSF will support 1) registration, 2) per diem for 4
days, and 3) motel for 4 nights.

For additional information contact

Linda B. Brubaker,