Loss of Iridium Phone Service Could Affect Field Logistics

10 March 2000

Note: The news today of a likely shutdown of the Iridium phone system has
implications for field logistics in remote regions. The following letter was
sent to Iridium LLC cusotmers. It is also available on Motorola's web site:
There is independent press coverage of Motorola's actions today available at

March 6, 2000

Dear Valued Motorola Customer:

On Monday, March 6, 2000, Iridium LLC was authorized to use cash collateral
to continue operations through March 17, 2000. Iridium LLC will continue its
efforts to find a qualified buyer. However, unless a qualified buyer comes
forward and provides additional funding by March 15, 2000, we do not expect
Iridium service to be available after 11:59 PM (EST) on March 17, 2000. In
the meantime, Motorola will continue its support for Iridium LLC, the
gateways, service providers, and all current customers and subscribers.

Motorola is attempting to directly contact all its direct end user customers
who subscribe to Iridium service through a Motorola-owned Service Provider
as quickly as possible to inform them about the current status of Iridium
service availability. However we would appreciate your sharing this
information with anyone you know who uses Iridium service.

As you may know, Motorola and other Iridium investors have been working very
hard to support Iridium LLC’s efforts to reorganize and continue operating
the business.

Motorola cares deeply about its customers, and as a valued customer, we are
concerned about your needs. We understand that you probably have a number of
questions. We will update this site as we learn more about the situation.

In the event that Iridium service becomes unavailable, we would be happy to
talk to you about other possible communications solutions. Additionally,
contact information for possible alternative service providers is provided
below for your convenience.

If you would like to contact Motorola directly, please click here.