Arctic Climate Modelers to Meet in Fairbanks, September 2000

13 March 2000

Those interested in learning more about this conference can contact the
coordinator Dr. Eric Girard, or visit the website:


Dear Colleagues,

ARC-MIP, the Arctic Regional Climate Model Intercomparison Project will
hold its first meeting at Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, on September 13-15.
This meeting will coincide with the WCRP ACSYS Numerical Experimentation
Group meeting which will be held the same week on September 11-12.

In ARC-MIP, models developed by research teams from Europe, Australia,
USA, and Canada are invited to perform a common set of simulations over
two common domains: one that covers much of the Arctic Ocean, and a
second that concentrates at higher grid resolution over the western
Arctic corresponding to the location of the SHEBA ice camp

Participation in the workshop and the ARC-MIP project is open. Modelers
and observationalists are invited to attend this workshop. The first
workshop will be rather exploratory. Difficulties encountered in
modelling the Arctic (clouds, surface schemes, dynamics, etc.) will be
discussed as well as observations taken during the SHEBA experiment.
Issues of funding will be discussed. The common simulations to be
performed will also be defined during the workshop. Oral presentations
by workshop particpants are welcome.

Please send me your name, affiliation, phone number, and if desired, a
short abstract of your talk. Time allowed for presentations is not
determined yet but it should vary between 15-30 min.

For those in financial need, ARC-MIP committee can accommodate a limited
number of requests for travel support. If you wish to be considered for
these travel grants, please notify us in your email. Persons in greatest
need will be supported.

A preliminary ARC-MIP website is located at:

Details about the workshop will be on the web site soon.

Future emails will provide further information. Please forward this
email to any interested colleagues.

Dr. Eric Girard, Project Coordinator
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Engineering Building, Room ECAE-130
University of Colorado
Campus Box 429
Boulder, CO 80309-0429 USA