USCGC Healy visit to Baltimore 22-24 March 2000

13 March 2000

USCGC Healy Baltimore Visit

Dear Colleagues,

USCGC Healy, which is in the midst of tests and trials, will make a public
relations oriented visit to Baltimore, Maryland, during Wednesday-Friday,
22-24 March 2000. Due to the Healy's deep draft, the ship will be docked
at the North Locust Point Marine Terminal, Pier 4. There will be Arctic
science posters on display, and scientists from the UNOLS Arctic Icebreaker
Coordinating Committee will be on hand to explain science system features
and answer questions.

22 MAR: The ship will be available for tours from 1000-1500.

23 MAR: VIP event.

24 MAR: Ship will again be available for tours from 1000-1500.

Directions from I-95 North, approaching Baltimore from the south:

1. Stay on I-95 North until you pass the I-395 exit and go under the sign
for "New York" toward the tunnel. Take the Key Highway exit (No. 55).
2. The ramp actually comes down on McComas Street first. Stay in the right
lane and continue straight ahead on McComas.
3. After about one mile the road makes three quick 90 degree turns, left,
then right, then left again. Follow that and proceed under the small
overpass and you will see a Marine Terminal guard shack.
4. You should only need to tell the guard where you're going. The ship
will be visible ahead. Parking is available in lots "L" and "O" near the
head of the pier.

Jim Swift, Chair
UNOLS Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee