Arctic Forum Abstract Volume

17 March 2000

Dear Colleague:

ARCUS is pleased to announce the publication of "Arctic Forum 1999", the
abstract volume from the 1999 Arctic Forum held in Arlington, Virginia 22-23
March 1999. The Arctic Forum has been jointly sponsored by ARCUS and the
National Science Foundation and is held in conjunction with the ARCUS Annual
Meeting in the Washington, D.C. area each year.

You may obtain copies of the Arctic Forum 1999, as well as the abstract
volume from 1998, from the ARCUS office at 907/474-1600 or
You may also download these and other ARCUS publications from our web site

The Arctic Forum is one of few annual, interdisciplinary meetings focused on
arctic research that bring together researchers, officials of the National
Science Foundation (NSF), other agencies' representatives, policy and
decision-makers, educators, and students, including the student winners of
the annual ARCUS Award for Arctic Research Excellence. ARCUS began hosting
the Arctic Forum in 1994. Abstracts from the Forum were first published in
1998 and will continue to be published annually.

The 2000 Arctic Forum will be held 17-18 May 2000 at the Holiday Inn
Capitol, Washington D.C. in conjunction with the ARCUS 12th Annual Meeting.
An abstract solicitation for contributed oral and poster presentations at
the Arctic Forum and other annual meeting information will be available
shortly on the ARCUS web site We welcome your
participation in this and future sessions of the Arctic Forum.


Wendy K. Warnick
Executive Director