Clarkson University Seeks Undergraduates for Program in China

27 March 2000

Dear Colleagues:

Clarkson University is seeking undergraduate applicants for a REU
(Research Experience for Undergraduates) program sponsored by the
National Science Foundation - International Program. It is an 11-week
program with research based in China.

Highlights of this program:
* Subject area in Marine Science and Engineering.
* Sponsoring Chinese institutions: the Ocean University of Qingdao, at
Dalian University of Technology.
* Fifteen qualified undergraduate students will participate.
* Duration: May 30-Aug. 11.
* Schedule: It begins with an orientation at Clarkson University,
followed by a culture tour in Beijing, research, seminars, and field
trips at one of the two Chinese institutions, and ends with report
preparation and student symposium at Clarkson University.
* Each participating student will receive $3,000 stipend, room and board
allowance, travel to and from China, field trip within China, plus ~$500
travel within US between home and Clarkson University.
* Deadline of Application: April 25, 2000.

For more information about projects, the procedure for application, and
more, please see

Please forward this information to prospective applicants. Thank you for
your assistance.

Hung Tao Shen
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY 13699-5710
Tel 315-268-6606
FAX 315-268-7985