Arctic Field Ecology Course Offering

27 March 2000

The total cost for this course is $3300 (USD) and includes credit tuition,
travel from Yellowknife to the field site by twin otter aircraft, food, and
all equipment except personal gear. There is no deadline and applications
are accepted until the course is filled, typically by the end of April. A
$1500 deposit is due by April 30th, with the balance due by May 15th.
There are currently positions available.

More information is available in a PDF brochure at:

Arctic Field Ecology
"Integrating western and Inuit ecological knowledge"

One section of Arctic Field Ecology (University of Minnesota, Biol 4842, 4
semester credits) is being offered this summer (June 22 - July 19, 2000).
There are still positions available.

This is a very unique field ecology course taught by a multidisciplinary
team of scientists and Inuit collaborators. It is a once in a lifetime
experience focused on the excitement of discovery in the remote tundra
wilderness of the Canadian Arctic.

The course will explore the region west of Bathurst Inlet with travel by
kayak along the Hiukitak River. The focus is on current research in the
Arctic, the vegetation and natural history of the area, learning sampling
techniques, designing research proposals, and understanding the common
ground between indigenous and western views of the Arctic landscape.

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students from around the
world and will be an exciting introduction to the Arctic and to field
research in the natural sciences. Positions are available. There is an
information packet you can download at

For more information contact

Dr. William Gould at