NASA Seeks Polar Researcher Input to Data Sets Usage

31 March 2000

To All Researchers Who Use Geophysical Data-Sets For Polar Research:

Dear Colleagues,

At the request of NASA, the National Academy of Science's Polar Research
Board has appointed a committee to review the strategy, scope and quality of
NASA's polar geophysical data-sets and suggest ways to improve future
products. The committee is chaired by John Walsh, University of Illinois;
its members are Judy Curry, University of Colorado, Boulder; Mark
Fahnestock, University of Maryland, College Park; David McGuire, University
of Alaska Fairbanks; Bill Rossow, Goddard Institute for Space Studies; Mike
Steele, University of Washington; Charles Vorosmarty, University of New
Hampshire; and Bob Wharton, Desert Research Institute.

As part of this effort, the committee is seeking input from scientists who
use large geophysical data-sets in for polar research, whether those
produced by NASA or others with similar purposes. To get this input, the
committee has created a survey to ask researchers questions about data-set
quality, ease of access, and similar issues.

To complete the survey, go to the PRB's homepage at The link to the survey form can be
found in the lower left margin. It will be available until April 24, 2000.
Please pass this request to other researchers who use polar geophysical
data-sets in their work. Our apologies in advance if you receive this
request from more than one source, but we are very much hoping to have wide
participation. The committee will use the insights gained in its report to
NASA, but be assured that your individual responses will be treated
confidentially. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Chris Elfring, Director
Polar Research Board (HA 454)
The National Academies of Science and Engineering
2101 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington DC 20418
202 334 3426
202 334 1477 fax