NSF Announces Partnerships for Innovation Program

25 April 2000

The details for NSF's Partnerships for Innovation Program (PFI) can be found
at: http://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?nsf0082. Those interested in
submitting proposals should send NSF a letter of intent by June 1, 2000.
Full proposals are due July 6, 2000. Requests for further information should
be sent to
John C. Hurt, Program Director
307/306-1625 x6811

Partnerships for Innovation (PFI)
Program Solicitation

NSF 00-82

Directorates For:
Biological Sciences
Computer And Information Science And Engineering
Education And Human Resources
Mathematical And Physical Sciences
Social, Behavioral And Economic Sciences

Office Of Polar Programs

NOTICE OF INTENT: June 1, 2000 (E-mail Submission ONLY)
PROPOSAL DEADLINE: July 6, 2000, 5:00 p.m. local time
(FastLane Submission Required)


Program Title: Partnerships for Innovation (PFI)

Short Description/Synopsis of Program: The Partnerships for Innovation
Program is focused on connections between new knowledge created in the
discovery process to learning and innovation. Concurrently, it addresses
NSF's strategic intention to broaden participation of people and
institutions in NSF activities. The goals of the Program are to: catalyze
Partnerships for Innovation that will enable the transformation of knowledge
created by the national research and education enterprise into innovations
that create new wealth, build strong local, regional and national economies
and improve the national well-being; broaden the participation of all types
of academic institutions and all citizens in NSF activities to more fully
meet the broad workforce needs of the national innovation enterprise; and
create enabling infrastructure necessary to foster and sustain innovation in
the long-term. To develop a set of ideas for pursuing these goals, this
competition will support 15-25 promising partnerships among academe,
government and the private sector; partnerships that will explore new
approaches to support and sustain innovation.

Cognizant Program Officer:
John C. Hurt, Program Director
telephone: (703) 306-1625 extension 6811

He will refer topic-specific matters to the appropriate member of the
NSF-wide working group for the program.

Applicable Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number:
* 47.074 --- Biological Sciences
* 47.070 --- Computer and Information Science and Engineering
* 47.076 --- Education and Human Resources
* 47.041 --- Engineering
* 47.050 --- Geosciences
* 47.049 --- Mathematical and Physical Sciences
* 47.078 --- Office of Polar Programs
* 47.075 --- Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

* Limitation on the categories of organizations that are eligible to submit
proposals: Proposals may be submitted by degree-granting academic
institutions of higher learning. The submitting institution must serve as
the lead institution or partner in the proposed Partnership, that is, as
the institution responsible for overall management of the Partnership
activity with administrative responsibility for the proposed effort.
Partners may include, but are not limited to, other academic
institutions, not-for-profit institutions, private sector firms,
entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, state and local government entities,
trade and professional associations, and federal laboratories. At a
minimum, proposed Partnerships must include academic institution(s) and
private sector organization(s) or academic institution(s) and state/local
government entities. A Partnership proposal must be submitted as a
single administrative package by the lead institution.
* PI Eligibility Limit: A senior institutional administrator (Dean or
higher) in the lead institution must serve as Principal Investigator or
Co-Principal Investigator.
* Limit on Number of Proposals: Degree-granting academic institutions of
higher learning may participate in no more than two Partnership
proposals. Such institutions may submit only one Partnership proposal as
the lead institution.
* Budget Limitations: Proposed Partnerships may request from NSF total
budgets ranging from $300,000 to $600,000 for award durations of two or
three years. Proposals requesting budgets outside this range will be
ineligible and will be returned without review.
* Cost Sharing: For eligibility purposes, cost sharing is required at a
level of 10% of the requested NSF budget. Cost sharing is defined in OMB
Circular A-110, Section 23, and may be cash or in-kind. This cost sharing
must be shown on line M of the budget.

* Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant
* Estimated Number of Awards: 15-25
* Amount of Funds Available: Approximately $8 million will be available for
this competition.
* Anticipated Date of Award: November 2000

A. Proposal Preparation Guidelines
* Proposal Preparation Instructions: Deviations From Standard
Preparation Guidelines
* The program contains deviations from the standard Grants Proposal
Guide proposal preparation guidelines regarding proposal content and
page limitations, cost sharing requirements, PI and institutional
eligibility limits.
B. Budgetary Information
* Cost Sharing Requirements: For eligibility purposes, cost sharing is
required at a level of 10% of the requested NSF budget. Cost sharing
is defined in OMB Circular A-110, Section 23, and may be cash or
in-kind. This cost sharing must be shown on line M of the budget.
* Indirect (F&A) limitations: None
* Other Budgetary Limitations: Proposed Partnerships may request from
NSF total budgets ranging from $300,000 to $600,000 for award
durations of two or three years.
C. Deadline/Target Dates
* Notice of Intent Deadline: June 1, 2000
The Principal Investigator from lead institutions representing
Partnerships intending to submit a proposal should submit a notice of
intent via email ONLY to: jhurt@nsf.gov by June 1, 2000. The notice
should briefly describe the proposed activity and the organizations
and senior personnel involved in the partnership; this description
must not exceed 300 words. The notice of intent allows NSF to prepare
for the review process. The notice of intent is not mandatory and is
* Preproposal Deadline: None
* Full Proposal Deadline: July 6, 2000, 5:00 p.m. local time
D. FastLane Requirements
* FastLane Submission: Full Proposal Required
* FastLane Contacts:
Karen Geary, Joan Ahl, or Nicole Livingston: telephone: 703/306-1040,
e-mail: pfifl@nsf.gov

* Merit Review Criteria: Standard National Science Board-approved criteria
apply. Reviewers will also consider: the responsiveness of the proposal
to the goals of the Partnerships for Innovation Program; potential of
the proposed Partnership to foster and sustain innovation in the
long-term; the degree to which the proposed activity will stimulate new
innovation opportunities for the partner organizations; the degree to
which the participation of institutions that serve groups currently
underrepresented in the science, engineering and technological workforce
are involved in the proposed innovation activity; and the degree to
which institutions that serve regions and/or sectors not yet fully
participating in the innovation enterprise contribute to the proposed

* In addition, in making final award decisions NSF will consider:
geographic distribution and diversity of lead institutions; likely
distribution of societal impacts; and distribution of technology or
industry sectors served.

* Award Conditions: GC-1 or FDP III
Reporting Requirements: Standard NSF Reporting Requirements apply.