Hydro/cryo-sphere Postdoc position at Institute of Ocean Sciences

27 April 2000

Those interested in this postdoctoral position can read more about the
program at: http://www-sci.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/osap/projects/jpod
or contact Greg Holloway, zounds@ios.bc.ca

Postdoctoral fellow or junior research associate, two year term

Topic: Heat and freshwater dynamics of Arctic hydro/cryo-sphere


The Arctic Ocean, including sea ice/snow cover, is strongly forced by both
heat and freshwater as well as wind. It is increasingly clear that the
Arctic is a strongly interactive component of global climate, both driven
and driving. Understanding dynamics and thermodynamics in the ocean, the
ice and the snow, their interactions and their coupling with the
atmosphere and radiation environment are growing. We seek to express
-- and to test! -- that growing knowledge by incorporation into numerical
models, both as a limited regional system and as an interactive component
in global ocean-atmosphere.

This research and other topics within the immediate research group can be
browsed at http://www-sci.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/osap/projects/jpod


The candidate should have a strong background in physics including,
preferably, dynamics and thermodynamics of ocean, sea ice, snow cover,
atmosphere exchange and radiation. There will be a coupled climate dynamics
emphasis in the research, including anticipating future interaction with
a carbon cycles researcher. The candidate should have good familiarity with
unix, fortran, IDL, matlab and other computing tools. While the work will
focus on using numerical models, it is not about modeling per se. Our focus
is upon advancing understanding of physics while testing the adequacy of
that understanding and the efficiency with which it can be expressed in
models. Preference, but not requirement, is given to candidates who are
Canadian citizens or residents. The position is for two years and can
commence at any time, preferably not later than 1 Sept 2000. Salary range
(Ca $) at postdoc level is $36k to $40k, depending on experience. More
advanced candidates may apply, with negotiable salary.


Greg Holloway
Inst of Ocean Sciences
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Sidney BC Canada V8L4B2
phone: 250-363-6564
fax: 250-363-6746
govt email: hollowayg@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
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