Research Meteorologist Position at University of Washington

4 May 2000

Those interested in this research meteorologist position should send a
resume to Jim Overland and contact him by fax or email:
Jim Overland
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle WA 98115
FAX 206 526 6485

Dear Colleagues,

A position of Research Meteorologist III will be opening at the Pacific
Marine Environmental Laboratory-NOAA/JISAO - University of Washington.

This is a pre-announcement and interested persons should contact me
via email or fax and provide a resume. Final information will be
available within a week or two.

Research is conducted on climate processes in middle and high latitudes of
the Northern Hemisphere and their influence on variability in the Pacific
basin and western Arctic on seasonal to decadal time scales. Research goals
are pursued through analyses of gridded and in situ data sets, such as the
NCEP/NCAR reanalyses, SST and sea ice fields, satellite data, and station
observations. Ongoing projects include decadal climate modes in the North
Pacific, mechanisms and impacts of the Arctic Oscillation, and the
connection between radiative and dynamical processes in the Arctic and
Bering Sea.

The position supports climate research in collaboration with two principal
investigators. The incumbent contributes to, or may take the lead on,
journal publications, research grant proposals, and conference


The position requires a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in atmospheric science (or
oceanography or geophysics) with a strong mathematical and computational
background and a broad understanding of the general circulation of the
atmosphere, including the preferred modes of low-frequency variability.
Candidates should have at least three years of research experience and have
familiarity with handling large data sets. They should be familiar with
objective data analysis methods, including filtering, regression, time
series analysis, principal component analysis, and singular value
decomposition, and be able to apply these techniques and graphics routines
using software programs such as Ferret, Matlab, IDL, and customized C and
FORTRAN programs.


Jim Overland