AMAP Reports Available On-line

9 May 2000

There are several reports available at the web site of the Arctic Monitoring
and Assessment Programme (AMAP).
Most of the documents are free. Those interested in receiving hard copies of
the documents should contact Inger Utne,

Dear Colleague,

The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) was established in
June 1991 by the Ministers of the eight Arctic countries (Canada, Denmark,
Finland, Iceland, Norway, Federation of Russia, Sweden and U.S.A.) as a part
of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS). In 1997, together
with other programme groups established under the AEPS, became part of the
Arctic Council responsibility.

AMAP documents are available as pdf.files on the AMAP Web page:, under "Online Documents." If you would like to
receive a hard copy instead, please inform the Secretariat. Some of the
former AMAP documents are not yet available as pdf files and are only listed
on the AMAP Publication List. However, if you would like to receive a hard
copy, please contact the Secretariat.

AMAP Publications are free of charge, except the "AMAP Assessment Report:
Arctic Pollution Issues" (AAR) which is the scientific fully referenced
report of AMAP's first assessment (approx. 900 pages) and the "Arctic
Pollution Issues: The State of the Arctic Environment Report" (SOAER)
(approx. 180 pages), which is a popularized, four-colored short version of
the AAR. The price of the AAR is approx. USD 100 and approx. USD 40 for the
SOAER, freight charges not included. The Secretariat would also like to
inform you that the AAR is also available on CD-ROM.

For any questions regarding AMAP, please contact the Secretariat.

Yours sincerely,

Inger Utne
Administrative Assistant
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) Secretariat
Visitors address: Str|msveien 96
Postal address: P.O. Box 8100 Dep., N-0032 OSLO, Norway
Phone: +47 23 24 16 30/16 35
Fax: +47 22 67 67 06