NSF Publishes Changes to Arctic Research Opportunities Program

10 May 2000

NSF has just published the revisions to the Arctic Research Opportunities
program announcement (NSF 00-96). This program announcement replaces NSF
98-72. The URL for the document in various formats is:
There are some important changes to note:

* The next target date for proposal submission is August 8 rather than
August 1.

* the Human Dimensions of the Arctic System (HARC) is now incorporated
into ARCSS as a regular part of the program. For further information on
HARC, please see the old HARC program announcement archived at NSF:
The old announcement contains descriptive detail that may be useful to
those unfamiliar with NSF's arctic programs.

* the entry for the Arctic Research and Logistics program is new and
contains important information about field program requirements.

* Fastlane is now required for proposal submission. Fastlane will be
required for all other NSF proposals as well by October 1.

For paper copies of the program announcement, please contact:

Mr. David Friscic
Office of Polar Programs
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 755, Arlington, VA 22230