Ice Fracture Study Position at Clarkson University

11 May 2000

Those interested in this M.S. or Ph.D. should send a
resume to John Dempsey and contact him by email:

Dear Colleagues,

A position is available for an M.S. or Ph.D. graduate student to study the
fracture of ice. The research will involve both lab research and field (lake
and Antarctica) testing.


The ability to predict ice forces, bearing capacity, vehicle transportation
feasibility, integrity and longevity of marine structures and ice breaking
capability of river/lake and sea ice are all tied to an adequate knowledge
of the associated time dependent creep and fracture behavior. We need to be
able to predict the strength of objects with cracks, the initiation and
growth of cracks, and the compressive strength of damaged (cracked) ice.
Fracture itself is the cause of scale effects that may be explained via the
development of the requisite nonlinear fracture mechanics. Fracture of ice
serves to limit ice forces, bearing capacity, and activates the seasonal
breakup of river and lake ice.

The influence of scale and creep on the fracture and strength of ice
is a key feature of the research to be undertaken by the research student.


An undergraduate degree in engineering is desirable.
Graduate courses in mechanics is advantageous.

John P. Dempsey
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Clarkson University
Potsdam NY 13699-5710 USA
TEL: +1-315-268-6517
FAX: +1-315-268-7636