5th Annual ARCUS Award for Arctic Research Excellence

15 September 2000

For more information about this student competition, please visit:
http://www.arcus.org/award/fr_index.html or contact Alison Carter,
email: alison@arcus.org, phone: 907/474-1608.


Dear Arctic Colleague:

In keeping with its mission to promote arctic research and education,
the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) proudly
announces the Fifth Annual ARCUS Award for Arctic Research Excellence
competition. The student competition will be judged in four broad
categories: Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and
Interdisciplinary Sciences, with up to four awards given. The papers may
address any research topic related to the Arctic and may be either
published or unpublished. An entry form must accompany each paper.

The review panel will include top arctic researchers from various
fields. The winners of this "award for excellence" will have the added
experience of presenting their work to a broad-based audience during the
Arctic Forum, a seminar on significant arctic research, sponsored during
the Spring 2001, ARCUS 13th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Abstracts
of the winning student papers will be published on the ARCUS Web site as

We encourage you to spread the word about the Fifth Annual ARCUS Award
competition to students who may be interested in this opportunity to
gain national recognition, present their research at a significant
assembly on arctic research, and receive a $500 cash award. More
information about the competition, including the winners of last year's
award and a downloadable copy of the flyer and entry form, can be found
at http://www.arcus.org/award/fr_index.html.


Wendy K. Warnick
Executive Director