The Northern Review, Issue #21 (Summer 2000) is now Available

28 September 2000

The publication, "The Northern Review," (Summer 2000) has been
published. The Table of Contents for this issue is shown below.
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North to North: The New Discourse by Aron Senkpiel, p. 11

Geoffrey R. Weller, 1942-2000 by Bill Morrison, p. 19

From Nelvana to Ice Box: Popular Constructions of "the Arctic" by
Sherrill Grace, p. 22

From "the Last Frontier" to The Island Within: Two Versions of Alaska
in Contemporary Nonfiction Narrative by Eric Heyne, p. 38

History of the Book in Yukon: A Discussion Paper by Peter Mitham, p. 57

Cumulative Index - Issues #1-#20
Author List, p. 75
Articles, p. 81
Poetry, p. 90
Short Stories, p. 91
Books Reviewed, by Author, p. 93
Books Reviewed, by Title, p. 105
Subject Index, p. 118

Governance in World Affairs, by Oran R. Young. Reviewed by Monica
Tennberg. p. 129

Who Lived In This House? A Study of Koyukuk River Semisubterranean
Houses, by A. McFadyen Clark. Reviewed by Douglas Rutherford. p. 131

The Alaska-Klondike Diary of Elizabeth Robins, 1900, edited by Victoria
Joan Moessner and Joanna E. Gates. Reviewed by Barbara Kelcey. p. 134

Northern Eden: Community-based Wildlife Management in Canada, by Leslie
Treseder, Jamie Honda-McNeil, et al. Reviewed by Rick Riewe. p. 136

Bolt from the Blue: Wild Peregrines on the Hunt, by Dick Dekker. Reviewed
by Dave Mossop. p. 137

Secrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing, by Edna Wilder. Reviewed by Rick Riewe.
p. 139

Haa Aaní, Our Land, Tlingit and Haida Land Rights and Use, by Walter R.
Goldschmidt and Theodore H. Haas, edited by Thomas F. Thornton. Reviewed
by Douglas K. Mertz. p. 140

The Spruces by Rex Holmes, Reviewed by Steve Roe. p. 143

Gamblers and Dreamers: Women, Men, and Community in the Klondike, by
Charlene Porsild. Reviewed by Brent Slobodin. p. 145

Sustainable Development in the North: Local Initiatives vs. Megaprojects
edited by Gérard Duhaime, Rasmus Ole Rasmussen and Robert Comtois.
Reviewed by Ken de la Barre. p. 147

Imaging the Arctic, edited by J. C. H. King and Henrietta Lidchi. Reviewed
by Eve D'Aeth. p. 149

Guide to Medicinal Wild Fruits and Berries, by Julie Gomez. p. 151

Cover Art: "Early Spring, Yukon River Near Whitehorse," by Rosemary
Piper. p. 155
Letters to the Editors, p. 156
Unwept, Unburied in Howard's Australia, by Peter Jull and Kathryn
Bennett. p. 156
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