5th International Conference on Geomorphology, 23-28 August 2001

10 October 2000

For more information on the 5th International Conference on
Geomorphology, 23-28 August 2001, please contact:

Dr. N. Matsuoka, Univ. Tsukuba E-Mail: matsuoka@atm.geo.tsukuba.ac.jp
Dr. T. Shiraiwa, Hokkaido Univ. E-Mail: shiraiwa@geo.umnw.ethz.ch


The Fifth International Conference on Geomorphology (5th ICG) will take
place at Korakuen Campus, Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan, from 23-28
August 2001. For more information on this conference, please go to:

The 5th ICG, Symposium 24, "Glaciation and periglaciation of Asian
high mountains" is devoted to discussions on the glaciation and
permafrost of the Asian high mountains.

During the 5th ICG, both pre- and post-conference field excursions are
planned. Excursions to the Hidaka Range, Hokkaido (A5) and the Japanese
Alps (B6) are scheduled before and after the 5th ICG conference,

For more information on either of the field excursions listed above,
please contact the appropriate excursion leaders directly at:
A5: Prof. K. Hirakawa, Hokkaido Univ. E-Mail: hkazu@ees.hokudai.ac.jp
B6: Prof. Y. Ono, Hokkaido Univ. E-Mail: yugo@ees.hokudai.ac.jp


30 November 2000
Final date for registration for overseas field excursions.
20 December 2000
Final date for submission of abstracts for conference paper and
posters, with accompanying early registration fees (postal/
express mail) OR
31 December 2000
(electrical submission deadline)
31 December 2000
Final date for receipt of early registration fees and deposit
for field excursions (full cost for overseas field excursions).
March 2001
Third Circular is distributed to all who have registered.
31 March 2001
Final date for receipt of balance of field excursion costs.
30 June 2001
Final date for advance registration.
18 July 2001
Final date for hotel reservation.
17 August 2001
Earliest pre-conference field excursion begins.
23 August 2001
Conference desk at Chuo University (Korakuen Campus) opens.
24 August 2001
Conference opening ceremony.
28 August 2001
Conference closing ceremony.