New Book on Naval Arctic Research Lab in Barrow, Alaska

12 December 2001

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For Immediate Release

The University of Alaska Press is pleased to announce its
newest distributed title, "Fifty More Years Below Zero:
Tributes and Meditations for the Naval Arctic Research
Laboratory's First Half Century at Barrow, Alaska," edited
by David W. Norton of Fairbanks.

World War II cooperation among the circumpolar Allies helped
launch the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) at Barrow,
Alaska, establishing permanent research facilities in the Arctic.
The laboratory fostered interdisciplinary research, through which
scientists developed knowledge and expertise that would prove
essential to the world of arctic science. The research successes
were laid upon a foundation of cooperation between scientists and
Native Inupiat Eskimos of Alaska's North Slope.

"Fifty More Years Below Zero" ties together events from the
decades preceding NARL's founding, carrying the reader through
its formative years and reviewing its future in the new millennium.
Beyond history and science, forty-six chapters and sixty-five
letters offer detailed, often hilarious, accounts of scientific
adventure and colorful characters comprising the lore of Barrow,
Alaska's North Slope, and the arctic community.

Contributing authors explore the legacies provided by earlier
NARL research to such contemporary issues as global change in the
Arctic. The book also documents the institutional challenges that
face implementation of facilities and activities for community-based
research elsewhere in the North. Now, over fifty years later, the
continuing story of this laboratory shows the extent to which scientific
collaboration was destined to outlast the incentives of its founders.

The book grew out of the 1997 NARL 50th anniversary celebration
in Barrow. During the week of activities and presentations, many
Inupiat who had worked side-by-side with researchers expressed their
appreciation for those opportunities and many researchers gave credit
to their longtime Native collaborators. The Barrow Arctic Science
Consortium (BASC), which organized the celebration and which provides
logistical support to researchers in Alaska through a Cooperative
Agreement with the National Science Foundation, funded the creation and
printing of this book.

The University of Alaska Press
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