Second International Winter Academy
University of Lapland
Rovaniemi, Finland
28-31 March 2004

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Abstract Deadline: 15th December 2003

HOSTILITIES AND HOSPITALITIES. Encounters With the Strange in the
International Relations of Tourism and Travel

28-31 March 2004, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

The Second International Winter Academy for researchers and PhD students
addressing the issues of tourism, travelling, mobility and international
relations in social, political, economical, environmental, legal, and
art and design studies

Conveners: The Amenity Landscapes Research Project, International
Relations and Sociology at The Faculty of Social Sciences at the
University of Lapland, The Arctic Graduate School, Centre for Research
Education at the University of Lapland


Abstracts: 15th December 2003
Full papers: 28th February 2004
Applications with or without a paper: 15th December 2003

First Announcement

We are pleased to announce the second international Winter Academy at
the University of Lapland as a platform for discussing the both timeless
and acute concepts and practices of hostility and hospitality. Special
focus will be on their interrelations in tourism, travel and
international relations.

The seminar presents key note lectures and invites papers that discuss
the social history and contemporary world of international diplomacy and
international law (from meeting with strange places, peoples, and habits
to today's regularly held conferences in homogenised formality), the
political, economical, cultural and legal activities requiring travel
and tourism (business, science, art) and the so called "amenity
landscapes" (places and spaces visited and traversed for either their
unique beauty-value or the amenities they provide). It has been claimed
that states, multinational companies, privately owned enterprises,
tourists, tour operators, voluntary and involuntary travellers form an
intensified and complex network of relations of power and intimacy with
an effect on places and cultures: through these processes friends and
enemies are made, and milieus, territories and communities are moulded
and recognised, be they place-bound or mobile.

We seek papers addressing one or more of the following or related

How are various amenity and hostility landscapes and territories owned,
tenured, regulated and consumed? How are relations, institutions and
rituals of trust (and mistrust, indifference, suspicion) formed and
maintained in encounters with strangers and the strange? How can
academic work on hostilities and hospitalities bear on non-academic
practices and processes of travelling and travel industry - which are
not merely spheres of leisure activities but also of political realities
and actions?

Hostilities and hospitalities between strangers will be investigated in
three key note sessions given by the invited teachers/commentators, and
in three or four parallel working groups in which the papers by other
participants will be presented and commented on. The suggestive working
groups are the following:

Rituals and Social Forms Landscapes and Territories Images and
Narratives Epistemologies and Differences

In the format of the Winter Academy, academic innovation and researcher
training are equally stressed. Discussion time is divided between public
lectures, intensive workshops for participants only, and hospitable
get-togethers in the evenings, not to mention an excursion outdoors:
experiencing the white "springfields" of the Finnish Lapland. (For more
details on the First Winter Academy, under the title Landscapes of
Presence, by the Amenity Landscapes Research Group in January 2003, see
web-page For visual images of the event see

The organisers will promote international publications after the event,
based on the reworked papers presented in the Winter Academy. The number
of active participants will be around 40-50. The Second Announcement and
Call for Papers with more information on the academic and social
program, keynote speakers, accommodation, registration and
correspondence will be published by the end of October 2003.

For more information, please contact Soile Veijola (tourism studies,
sociology), Sami Moisio (international relations, geography) or Anne
Keskitalo (art education).

Soile.Veijola [at] Sami.Moisio [at] Anne.Keskitalo [at]