Arctic Synthesis Collaboratory

The former Arctic System Science Program (ARCSS) Committee, facilitated by ARCUS, led many activities with the research community to achieve synthesis—a system level understanding of the Arctic. These activities and resulting products are listed below.

2003 Synthesis Retreat: A Workshop to Integrate Knowledge into a More Holistic Perspective of the Arctic System

Paper Resulting from 2003 Synthesis Retreat
Overpeck, J.T., et al. "Arctic System on Trajectory to New, Seasonally Ice- Free State," AGU Eos-Transactions, v.86, 2005, p. 312.

2004 Synthesis Retreat: Focused on the question, "How realistic is a conceptual model of a two-state (modern and future seasonally ice-free) Arctic system, and how well do we understand the processes that may lead to a state change?

NSF Announced Funding for “Synthesis of Arctic System Science” Projects

2004 Survey: Requested input on synthesis, which was used to guide subsequent activities

2005 Synthesis Virtual Meeting (“eTown Meeting”): Discussed funded Synthesis of Arctic System Science projects and potential for collaboration between projects and to other efforts

Synthesis of Arctic System Science (SASS) Funded Projects and Activities

Pre-Workshop Community Input Virtual Meeting (March 2007): "ARCSS Synthesis Workshop: New Perspectives through Data Discovery and Modeling"

Arctic System Synthesis Workshop: New Perspectives through Data Discovery and Modeling (April 2007)
Summary of points from workshop, summarizing key aspects of an “Arctic Synthesis Collaboratory”:

SASS Synthesis Workshop (October 2007)

Arctic Synthesis Collaboratory Virtual (“eTown”) Meeting (December 2007)

Town Hall Meeting on Arctic Synthesis Collaboratory (December 2007)

Final Message from the ARCSS Committee (June 2010): “Recommendations for Successful Arctic System Science”

ARCSS/SEARCH "Understanding Arctic System Change” Workshop
Relevant recommendations emerged from a joint ARCSS/Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) workshop in 2010
White paper: