U.S. Department of Energy Reestablishes its Arctic Energy Office

Editor's note: content for this article is excerpted from the Arctic Energy Office website

DOE Arctic Energy Office

The US Department of Energy has announced the reestablishment of its Arctic Energy Office, headquartered at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Arctic Energy Office (AEO) serves as the principal advisor to the Under Secretary on all domestic Arctic issues, including energy, science, and national security and leads the Department's domestic energy Administration priorities as well as cross-cutting opportunities and priorities on the Arctic region, strategic analysis, assessment of equities and energy resources in Alaska, cutting edge initiatives, and innovative activities including microgrids and integrated energy systems.

The Office will have three primary areas of focus: Energy, Science, and National Security. While it will not provide funding opportunity announcements, it will coordinate and streamline existing research, development and deployment activities in the Arctic. This includes work by the Office of Science to measure solar radiation, work by Fossil Energy on modular gasification applications in challenging environments, work by the Office of Electricity on deployment of microgrid technologies in Alaska, and work by Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy on next generation river power systems. The Office will build on this work to define a focused research agenda based on these activities.

Additionally, the Office will engage and collaborate with other governmental agencies with equities in the Arctic region, including the Departments of Defense and State. AEO will also support the International Affairs Office with international engagement obligations, such as the Arctic Council and will help design and launch new initiatives and programs in the Arctic and other emerging topics.

The Office leadership team includes:

George Roe George Roe, Director, Arctic Energy Office.

Matt HeavnerMatt Heavner, Senior Advisor.

Michael McEleneyMichael McEleney, Senior Advisor.

Matt ManningMatt Manning, Advisor

Further information is found on the Arctic Energy Office website and from the Department of Energy's news release.