Meet the Board of Directors - Charlene Stern

Charlene Stern and her son.

Charlene Stern is an ARCUS Board Member elected in 2017. Her term expires in 2020.

Charlene Stern is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her doctoral research focused on the Neets'ąįį Gwich'in, whose traditional territory is located in the northeastern interior of Alaska, and their experiences with planning and development in a pre and post-settlement context.

Originally from Arctic Village, Alaska, Charlene is an enrolled member of the Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government. As an Indigenous researcher, she is passionate about changing the paradigm of Arctic research to be more responsive to the needs of Indigenous communities. Charlene is a staunch advocate of Indigenous self-determination and believes in the right of local communities to meaningfully engage in research that is relevant to their citizens as well as the lands and resources upon which they depend.

She joined the board of ARCUS in 2018 in order to contribute to the organization's ongoing work within the Arctic research community. As a well-established consortium, Charlene believes that ARCUS has an opportunity to become a leader in helping to elevate the voices of Indigenous peoples in research.