NSF Recommends Fourth Year of Funding for ACADIS

By: ACADIS Community Support Team members Karen Andersen, Toni Rosati, Lynn Yarmey, Lisa Booker, Don Stott, Janet Scannell, Eric Nienhouse, and Sean Arms


The Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS) project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), recently completed an NSF panel review of third year accomplishments and progress. ACADIS has been recommended for a fourth year of funding.

ACADIS provides sustainable data management, preservation, and leadership services for the NSF Arctic research community through open data sharing, adherence to best practices and standards, and community support and engagement. ACADIS leverages other pertinent projects, capitalizes on appropriate emerging technologies, and participates in emerging cyberinfrastructure initiatives. Accessible tools and data are available on the ACADIS Gateway.

The ACADIS team continues to support data management for projects funded by NSF's Division of Polar Programs (PLR) Arctic Sciences Section with data submission, preservation, and sharing services. Recent ACADIS service improvements include:

Examples of available archived Arctic data can be found on the ADE website.

Initial clean up of ACADIS metadata has been completed. Researchers contributing data to ACADIS are encouraged to check the accuracy of their project online via the ACADIS Gateway.

ACADIS, funded by NSF, is a joint effort by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

For more information about ACADIS; to send feedback; or to submit, retrieve and search data; please visit the ACADIS Gateway, contact members of the support team (support [at] aoncadis.org), or call 720-443-1409.