Meet the Board of Directors -- Jay Gulledge

Jay GulledgeJay Gulledge

Jay Gulledge was elected to the ARCUS Board of Directors in 2011 and currently serves as Treasurer.

Jay is the Director of the Environmental Sciences Division and a member of the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. CCSI administers the Department of Energy's Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic research project, a major 10-year investment toward understanding how carbon rich soils in the permafrost respond to a rapidly warming Arctic. He is also a Senior Advisor at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, specializing in the application of scientific knowledge of climate change and its impacts to policy- and decision-making. Jay is a Certified Senior Ecologist with two decades of teaching and research experience in the biological and environmental sciences. He received a PhD in biological sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, was a Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, and held faculty posts at Tulane University and the University of Louisville.

Jay observes that, "Climate change is turning the Arctic into a new international space where governance is largely absent. The impacts of this change are poorly understood but are likely to have significant influence on the climate, weather, ecosystems, fisheries, geopolitics, and economies of the world. Arctic research is essential to understanding the potential environmental, social, economic, and political risks and opportunities that an opening Arctic will bring. With its strong vision for promoting research to inform sound decisions related to the Arctic, ARCUS is an invaluable convener and facilitator of the Arctic research community."

Jay Gulledge can be contacted via email (jgulledge [at]