Department of Defense Rolls Out Arctic Strategy

Department of Defense 2013 Arctic StrategyDepartment of Defense 2013 Arctic Strategy

The Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the Department of Defense (DOD) Arctic Strategy during the Halifax International Security Forum on 22 November 2013. The new strategy outlines American military's role in carrying out the National Strategy for the Arctic Region, including maintain peace and security in a frontier being changed by climate forces.

According to the Strategy's executive summary, security in the Arctic encompasses activities ranging from resource extraction and trade to activities supporting safe commercial and scientific operations to national defense. DOD's desired end-state for the Arctic is identified in the Strategy as a secure and stable region where U.S. national interests are safeguarded, the U.S. homeland is protected, and nations work cooperatively to address challenges.The Strategy articulates U.S. interest in the Arctic and the DOD supporting objectives.

The full DOD Arctic Strategy can be found here.

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