International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC) Science Plan Published

The International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC) Science Steering Group has released the ISAC Science Plan. This plan was developed after broad community input and outlines an international research program on arctic environmental change.

The Science Plan provides background information on recent arctic changes and frames science questions to guide integrated research. The document includes discussion of ISAC's background; objectives and key science questions; program components of observing, understanding, and responding to arctic change; and near-term as well as long-term implementation activities.

ISAC builds upon existing efforts to develop an understanding of past, present, and expected arctic change in order to carry new insights into the public and the decision-making arenas. ISAC connects with national and international efforts in both basic and applied sciences. The Science Plan is available on the ISAC website:

For more information, contact Maribeth Murray, ISAC Executive Director (murray [at]