ASSW 2009 Includes Open Science Symposium For the First Time

This year's Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) was held in March 2009 in Bergen, Norway, attended by more than 300 scientists, students, policy makers, and other professionals.

The purpose of the summit, which is organized by IASC and other scientific organizations, is to provide opportunities for international coordination, collaboration, and cooperation in all areas of arctic science and to combine science and management meetings. This event typically features annual meetings of arctic organizations and presentations on arctic research being undertaken by the host country. This year and for the first time, an open science symposium was added to the schedule. The topic of the three-day meeting was Arctic Connections: Results of 150 Years of Arctic Research and presentations illustrated the increasingly integrative nature of arctic research.

An open science meeting will also be part of ASSW 2011, which will be organized by the Republic of Korea. ASSW 2010 will be held in Nuuk, Greenland, on 13–16 April.

For more information on ASSW, see the IASC website.