Witness the Arctic

Volume 7
Number 1
10 February 2000

Distribution Date: 10 February 2000

Volume 7, Number 1

Feature Article

  • Healy Prepares for Arctic Operations

Arctic Logistics

  • Research Support and Logistics Group Updates Priorities

  • U.S. and Norway Sign Agreement to Promote Joint Polar Research

  • Stephenson Named Arctic Research Support and Logistics Program Manager

  • Nothernmost Community Focusses on Research Support

ARCSS Program Updates

  • ARCSS Committee Advances Integrative Agenda

  • PARCS Research Encompasses PALE and ESH

  • OAII Shares Results at Second All-Hands Meeting

  • SHEBA Researchers Plan Analysis of Data

  • SEARCH Plan is Designed to Evolve with New Insights

  • First RAISE Projects Receive Funding

  • RAISE Proposals Funded in 1999

  • LAII Researchers Model the Response of Sub-Arctic Vegetation to Transient

Climate Change In Alaska

  • ITEX Shares Syntheses, Plans Future

Arctic Natural Sciences Program Updates

  • Arctic Natural Sciences Program Funds Variety of Studies

  • SuperDARN Monitors Magnetic Field

  • Navy and Civilians Complete Submarine Science Series

  • Russian-American Team Determines Bering Strait's Age

  • International Efforts Focus on "Arctic Oasis"

Arctic Social Sciences Program Updates

  • Arctic Social Sciences Program Presents Opportunities

  • Photos Preserve Northern History

  • Project Investigates Prehistoric and Modern Aleuts

Capitol Updates

  • OMB Publishes New Regulations on Data Access

  • Revision to OMB Circular A-110.36

  • NSF Budget Increases in FY 2000

U.S. Arctic Research Commission

  • The USARC Studies Arctic Infrastructure and Bering Sea

Polar Research Board

  • PRB Stresses Importance of Ocean Drilling in the Arctic

Arctic Policy

  • Arctic Council Meets Under U.S. Leadership

  • Changing Climate for Arctic Research in Canada

  • IASC starts Forum of Arctic Operators

International News

  • ARTERI Links European Research Efforts

  • ACSYS Broadens into Global Cryosphere

  • Native Knowledge of Polar Bears Informs Three International Surveys

  • Webber is U.S. Delegate to IASC

Education News

  • UNIS is "the Arctic Alternative" for University Students

  • University of the Arctic Moves into Implementation

Calendar and Publications

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Member Institution

  • Arctic Research at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


Witness the Arctic provides information on current Arctic research efforts and findings, significant research initiatives, national policy affecting Arctic research, international activities, and profiles of institutions with major Arctic research efforts. Witness serves an audience of Arctic scientists, educators, agency personnel, and policy makers. Witness was published biannually in hardcopy from 1995-2008 (archives are available below); starting in early 2009 the issues have been published online. Witness has over 8,700 subscribers.



With the Spring 2009 issue, ARCUS changed the format of Witness the Arctic. To provide more frequent updates and reduce printing and mailing costs and associated environmental impacts, the newsletter is now distributed online in three or four shorter issues per year, depending on newsworthy events.


If you have a question or an idea for a Witness article, contact Betsy Turner-Bogren at betsy [at] arcus.org.

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