University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage , Alaska 99508United StatesBioTobias Schwoerer has more than 15 years of public-policy experience relevant to Alaska, the Arctic, and other countries. With a diverse background in economics and the natural sciences, he develops innovative techniques for decision-making in the public and private sectors. He has led a range of projects that include assessing the value of the environment to local livelihoods, analyzing alternative energy options in collaboration with rural communities, and measuring the contribution of Alaska’s basic sector industries to the overall economy. Much of his current research focuses on human dimensions of sustainable systems, with the goal of informing policy through applied economic analysis. Most recently, he has been studying human responses to environmental risks, such as invasive species and climate change.


Social Science, Interdisciplinary Research, Citizen Science

Science Specialties

marine terrestrial links, human dimensions of environmental risk, climate change, fisheries, invasive species, resource management, sustainability, ecosystem services

Current Research

human pathways of aquatic invasive species in the Arctic, risk of coastal climate change for local communities, fisheries management response to ocean change, food energy nexus of Arctic subsistence economy,