Anastasia Emelyanova


UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison Office, Thule Institute

anastasia.emelyanova [at]




Social Science, Interdisciplinary Research

Science Specialties

Demography; Population changes; Epidemiology; Public Health; Data Analysis

Current Research

My main research interests include demography and population changes across the Arctic region, northern health and wellbeing, and policy in respective fields. I hold academic degrees from the University of Oulu and Northern Arctic Federal University (Russia) with theses focusing on population ageing in the Arctic. Recently, I have worked on projections of the Arctic human population factoring the parameter of educational attainment as a key human capital reserve. Also, working at the intersection between demography and public health, incl. infectious diseases under climate change in the Arctic, temporal trends of contaminants up North, mortality and survival etc.