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Brief Biography

Dr. Balestrery earned her Ph.D. degree in social work and anthropology from University of Michigan, Master of Arts degree in anthropology from University of Michigan, Master of Social Work degree from University of Washington and Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University. Dr. Balestrery is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research aims to improve health and social service outcomes particularly for marginalized communities. Her research, which is informed by many years of practice experience, addresses health, aging, clinical practice, service delivery systems and intercultural communication in a diverse global society. She was selected in 2015 as a scholar-participant for the “Translational Health Disparities” course at National Institute of Minority Health Disparities in Bethesda, MD and as an ambassador with Gerontological Society of America for a U.S.-China delegation at the 1st annual “Healthy Ageing & Society” research symposium in Suzhou, China. Dr. Balestrery has addressed Native health disparities as a Spirit of Eagles Hampton Faculty Fellow and LGBTTQ community issues as a Councillor on the Council of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression with the Council on Social Work Education.


Social Science

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health disparities, aging, clinical practice, service delivery systems, intercultural communication, global justice

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