Igor Zakharov



igor.zakharov [at] c-core.ca


C-CORE Morrissey Road
St. John's, NL A1B3X5

Brief Biography

Igor Zakharov holds a PhD degree (Engineering) in Systems Analysis, Control and Information Processing (2006) from the United Institute of Informatics Problems, Belarus and he has been a research scientist and engineer since 1996 leading and working on numerous R&D projects. His previous work was focused on the development of image and data processing algorithms for remote sensing and industrial applications. At the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (2008-2011) he investigated techniques for mapping of the northern regions using synthetic aperture radar satellite data. Since 2011 he is carrying out applied research and development of remote sensing technologies at C-CORE, Canada to contribute in creation of value in the private and public sectors.
Igor has progressive experience in remote sensing, optical and radar imaging, image processing, statistical data analysis and fusion, pattern recognition, and modeling of physical processes. Igor has extended experience in various project activities, including technical leading, writing technical documentation, project management and supervising students. He is the author and co-author of more than 50 technical and scientific publications. Igor’s main motivation is to bring new knowledge, skills, technical understanding and abilities to provide effective and innovative solutions for Earth observation and sea ice monitoring.


Sea Ice, Permafrost, Engineering

Current Research

Monitoring sea ice and icebegs using various satellites. Extracting ice parameters from satellite observations and models.