Ed Blockley


Oceans and Cryosphere


Met Office

ed.blockley [at] metoffice.gov.uk


Met Office
Exeter, DEV
United Kingdom

Brief Biography

Ed has been leading the Polar Climate Group within the Climate, Cryosphere and Oceans group since 2015.

Before moving to the Polar Climate Group, Ed was employed within Ocean Forecasting Research and Development where he was responsible for developing and assessing the new FOAM operational ocean forecasting models.

Prior to joining the Met Office in February 2008, Ed read mathematics at the University of Exeter where he obtained a MMath and a PhD in applied mathematics specialising in fluid dynamics and non-linear phenomena.


Sea Ice

Science Specialties

Ocean and sea-ice modelling.
NEMO ocean model.
CICE sea ice model
Ocean and sea ice forecast validation.
Scientific software development.
Operational transitions.

Current Research

Ed leads the Polar Climate Group whose focus is understanding climate change in polar regions and development of the sea ice model component of the Met Office prediction systems.