Michael Gooseff


Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research, Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering


University of Colorado Boulder

michael.gooseff [at] colorado.edu


Campus Box 450
Boulder, CO 80309
United States

Brief Biography

Dr. Gooseff's research focuses on the characterization and numerical simulation of hydrologic processes and associated biogeochemical cycling. Much of my past and current research has included simulation of introduced and natural tracer transport. The locations of my research projects include polar regions (arctic Alaska, Antarctica) and continental mountain catchments (H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Grand Tetons, etc.).

Science Specialties

hydrology, groundwater, biogeochemistry

Current Research

Dr. Gooseff is currently the lead PI of the McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER project in Antarctica, and maintains a research thrust in the Arctic as well. He contributes to the Arctic LTER by continuing the monitoring of ground temperatures and meteorology at several thermokarst features near Toolik Field Station. This year he is initiating a new NSF-funded research project on the ecological significance of aufeis features with Alex Huryn (Univ of Alabama), Linda Deegan (MBL), and Ken Tape (UAF).