Philip Loring


Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy


University of Alaska Fairbanks

ploring [at]


PO Box 755910
Fairbanks, AK 99775
United States

Brief Biography

Dr. Philip Loring is a human ecologist with research interests in food systems, food security, and environmental change. His research is interdisciplinary in nature, integrating methods and perspectives from ecology, anthropology, geography, ethnobiology, and environmental history. His current focus is on coastal and marine living resources in Alaska, including such topics as community vulnerability and adaptation, Yukon River Salmon management, and marine invasive species.

Loring has given invited talks and plenaries at numerous national and international academic conferences. He has also been recruited to speak on a variety of science topics to a diverse set of audiences, including K-12 children, policy-makers, incoming graduate students, and the general public.

Loring is interested in addressing all types of audiences and is available at all times of the year. Representative lecture titles include:

Are We Asking Too Much of the Yukon River?

Local Knowledge, Cross-Cultural Collaboration and the New Science

The Future of Alaska Food Systems

Sustainability and Small-Scale Societies

"I think this speaker series is a great contribution and I am happy to contribute where/when possible. Communicating openly in diverse venues on these important issues is an essential part of my job as a scientist."

Science Specialties

anthropology, agriculture, ecology

Current Research

Food systems and climate change; sustainable agriculture