John Hall


Marine Geology, Mapping & Tectonics Division (Retired)


Geological Survey of Israel (Retired)

jkh1 [at]


30 Malchei Israel Street

Science Specialties

marine geophysics, tectonics, bathymetry

Current Research

I have been active in the UNH-CCOM UNCLOS work aboard Healy in 2003, 2004, 2008, and 2009. With Prof. Yngve Kristoffersen of Bergen University I have built a 13m research hovercraft (R/H SABVABAA) for marine geophysical work in the inaccessible multiyear ice domain of the Alpha Ridge north of Ellesmere Island, where we suspect that an asteroid hit, severely disturbing the uppermost 500m of sedimentary cover over an area of approximately 200 by 600 km. Out website is: I have recently been inducted into the Norwegian Academy of Sciences for Polar Research. The triangular feature (~4,000 km2) called Hall Knoll on the Alpha Ridge was named after me back in the 1970s by Prof. Bruce C. Heezen.