Oliver Frauenfeld


Department of Geography


Texas A and M University

oliverf [at] geog.tamu.edu


3147 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843
United States

Brief Biography

Dr. Frauenfeld's research activities entail a range of topics in climate variability and climate change. He focuses primarily on surface-atmosphere interactions, over both the land and the oceans. One of these research areas investigates changes in high-latitude and high-altitude environments; specifically, the interactions between frozen ground (permafrost and seasonally frozen areas) and other cryospheric variables in the high latitudes of Eurasia, with the overlying atmosphere. Some of his other research studies the effects of land cover and land use change on climate across the Tibetan Plateau.

Dr. Frauenfeld also continues to explore ocean-atmosphere interactions in both the tropics and mid-latitudes, such as interactions between the Pacific Ocean and synoptic-scale atmospheric circulation variability of the Northern Hemisphere. Additionally, he is evaluating climate patterns and atmospheric teleconnections, in terms of both their general variability and climate change.

Science Specialties

climatology, cryosphere, permafrost

Current Research

soil freeze/thaw cycle and climate interactions in the Russian Arctic; land cover-land use change on the Tibetan Plateau; surface-atmosphere interactions