Vladimir Alexeev


International Arctic Research Center


University of Alaska Fairbanks

valexeev [at] alaska.edu


PO Box 757340
Fairbanks, AK 99775
United States

Brief Biography

Dr. Vladimir Alexeev is presently a Research Associate professor at the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. He is currently collaborating on many research projects, including:

Modeling permafrost at the Permafrost Lab of the Geophysical Institute (GI), an activity being done in close contact with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the Danish Meteorological Institute,

An IARC supported project on low-frequency variability in the Arctic,

A study on the Arctic freshwater cycle using observations and simple conceptual models, in an NSF-funded project on Siberian hydroclimatology Alexeev also served as a chief scientist on the Nansen and Amundsen Basins Observational System (NABOS) 2009 Cruise.

Alexeev is an active speaker, and has given several presentations in local Fairbanks schools and has been involved in the organization of IARC supported summer schools for early career scientists and K-12 teachers since 2003.

Alexeev is interested in addressing all types of audiences and is available at all times of the year. Representative lecture titles include:

Arctic Climate Change: Why is the Arctic Warming Faster than the Rest of the Globe

My Discovery of the Arctic

My Incredible Trip to Antarctica

Science Specialties

atmospheric sciences, climate change, CO2 modeling

Current Research