Jean-Pierre Savard


Science and Technology


Environment Canada

jean-pierre.savard [at]


2794 rue du Paysan
Lévis, QC G6W 7A4

Brief Biography

Dr. Savard obtained his M.Sc. from the University of Toronto on urban birds and his PhD from the University of British Columbia on the spacing behavior of Barrow’s Goldeneye. He has worked 35 years for Environment Canada as a Population Biologist (13 years) and as a Research Scientist (22 years). He has held adjunct status at several Canadian Universities and co-supervised a number of graduate students. He has worked on seabirds, forest birds, peatland birds, urban birds, waterfowl and sea ducks both on the eastern, western and northern coasts of Canada. Most of his research however focussed on sea ducks and he has published on goldeneyes, scoters, eiders, Harlequin Ducks as well as on sea ducks in general. He is currently Scientist Emeritus for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Science Specialties

avian ecology, avian biology, avian behavior, sea ducks, forest birds, urban birds

Current Research

Wildlife. Wildlife management. Distribution and ecology of sea ducks.