Vladimir Ilinskii


Biological Department


Moscow State Lomonosov University

ilinskiivladimir [at] mtu-net.ru


Leninskie gori
Russian Federation

Brief Biography

Dr. II'inskii has been a senior scientist at the Biological Department at Moscow State Lomonosov University since 1994. In 2000, he received his Doctor of Science in Hydrobiology from the same university, entitled, "Heterotrophic Bacterioplankton: Ecology and Role in the Natural Purification Processes from Oil Pollution." He received his Ph.D. in microbiology in 1979 and his B.Sc. in soil microbiology in 1973.

Il'inskii's research interests are ecology of heterotrophic bacterioplankton and bacterioneuston, oil pollution biodegradation, aquatic hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, and the microbiology of reservoirs. He has extensive scientific expedition experience participating in 18 expeditions on research vessels. He has also worked at Russian scientific field stations around the world including two wintering expeditions in the Arctic (Severnaya Zemlya) and Antarctic (Bellingshausen station, King George Island).

II'inskii has conducted many lectures and is interested in presenting to all audiences. Representative lecture titles include:

Ecology of marine heterotrophic bacteria with special attention to polar regions

Heterotrophic bacterioplankton of central arctic regions

Hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria of arctic ice and water

Oil biodegradation in situ under low temperature (marine and fresh water environments)

Microbiological monitoring of oil pollution in marine environments with special attention to polar regions

Il'inskii enjoys traveling to new places and would like to participate in this program so that he can interact with other specialists interested in similar research. He is also interested in finding students for an exchange program.

Science Specialties

aquatic microbiology, hydrocarbon pollution, marine ecology

Current Research

Oil biodegradation and microbial ecology in Arctic Seas.