Laura Gough


Department of Biological Sciences


Towson State Univ.

lgough [at]


8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252
United States

Brief Biography

Laura Gough is a plant ecologist who has worked in Arctic Alaska for more than 20 years. She holds a B.S. in Biology with Honors from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Plant Biology with a minor in Experimental Statistics from Louisiana State University. She was a postdoctoral scientist at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory prior to holding faculty positions at the University of Alabama and at the University of Texas at Arlington. She moved to Towson University in August 2015 where she is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. Her primary research area is plant community ecology with a focus on plant-soil interactions and plant-animal interactions, with most of her research being conducted in northern Alaska.

Science Specialties

plant ecology

Current Research

Current projects include investigation of effects of long-term experimental treatments on arctic tundra communities and ecosystems with an emphasis on the interactions among plants and other trophic levels, particularly soil organisms, small mammals, arthropods, and migratory songbirds.