Mikhail Zhurbenko


Komarov Botanical Institute


Russian Academy of Sciences

zhurb [at] mz3838.spb.edu


Popov Street 2
St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Brief Biography

I am senior researcher of the lab. of the Systematics and Geography of Fungi of Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. I work in the institute since graduating from the Biology faculty of St.-Petersburg (Leningrad) State University in 1982. My Candidate dissertation (1990) was devoted to the lichen flora of Putorana Plateau in the Siberian Subarctic. Lateron my research interests shifted from lichen floristics to studies of lichenicolous fungi, which has resulted in Doctoral dissertation (2010) on lichenicolous fungi of the Russian Arctic.


Life Science

Science Specialties

mycology, lichenology, biodiversity

Current Research

Arctic lichens and lichenicolous fungi. Lichenicolous fungi of the Russian Arctic - supported by the Russian Fund for Basic Researchers.