Lee Huskey


Department of Economics


University of Alaska Anchorage

tlhuskey [at] alaska.edu


2018 Meander Drive
Anchorage, AK 99516
United States

Brief Biography

Lee Huskey is an emeritus professor of economics at University of Alaska Anchorage. His research focuses on the economies of the north, primarily Alaska. He has examined the role of institutions and geography in regional and community economies and has taken both a historic and comparative approach. An important focus of his work has been the migration of residents within, into, and out of the north and its communities and the complex role of jobs and subsistence as determinants.

Dr. Huskey lectures regularly to students and has also made presentations to professional and community groups both in Alaska and other places throughout the north. He is interested in speaking to academic audiences and the general public. Representative lecture titles include:

Migration as economic adjustment: The experience of rural Alaska

Limits to growth: Remote regions, remote institutions

The promise of sustainable development in the Circumpolar North

Alaska’s Economy: World War I, Jack London, and Frontier Fragility

Dr. Huskey would like to participate in the program because he is interested in building connections and learning more about other arctic regions.

Science Specialties

economics, migration, development

Current Research

Sustainability and development of remote regional economies in the North