Wilfred Wollheim


Water Systems Analysis Group


University of New Hampshire

wil.wollheim [at] unh.edu


211 Morse Hall
Durham, NH 03824
United States

Brief Biography

Dr. Wollheim's research involves how river networks control the flux of nutrients and carbon in response to changes in land use, climate change, and hydrological engineering. To address this question, Dr. Wollheim uses field observations, field experiments, and modeling over a range of scales from headwater catchments, to moderately sized (~100-1000 km2) watersheds, to the global system of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Dr. Wollheim believes that a better understanding of river network dynamics will help to address issues of coastal eutrophication, freshwater quality and the fate of anthropogenic carbon.

Science Specialties

nutrient dynamics, aquatic ecology, ecosystem modeling

Current Research

Nitrogen dynamics in arctic rivers, using stable isotope tracer additions.