Steven Forman


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


University of Illinois at Chicago

steven_forman [at]


Baylor Sciences Building
Waco, TX 76798
United States

Brief Biography

Having recieved a BS in Geological Science at the University of Illinois in 1981, Steven went on to finish his PhD at the University of Colorado, 1986.Presently he is a professor of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Steven has presented to teacher conferences and workshops and large school groups of both elementary and junior high school students. His lecture titles include 20th climate change: A midwest to Arctic perspective and The Last Big Ice Sheets Megadroughts in North America. Steven is often in the field July through August. His research intrests include paleoclimatology, climate change, Arctic paleoenvironments, Russian/Eurasian Arctic, and extreme climate events. His goal is to provide up-to-date summary of various aspect of climate change science and to convey the excitement and challenges of research. As an educator, he hopes to present new material and insights to excite the next generation of developing scientists.

Science Specialties

quaternary geology, marine geology, paleoclimatology

Current Research

Quaternary history of the Eurasian North. Ice sheet and sea level dynamics; land-ocean connections.