2006 Sustaining the Bering Sea Ecosystem: A Social Sciences Research Plan

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The Sustaining the Bering Sea Ecosystem: A Social Science Research Plan seeks to initiate research to elucidate the dynamic relationship between humans and the Bering Sea ecosystem. The plan outlines a research program focused on three broad themes:

  • Impacts on humans: How past, current, and possible future changes in the Bering Sea ecosystem affect the health and wellbeing of human communities living and depending on this region for subsistence, employment, and cultural survival.

  • Human impacts: How changing human uses of the Bering Sea region affect the natural cycles of this ecosystem by moderating and/or accelerating systemic changes.

  • Dynamics of human and non-human natural systems: How the human-environmental dynamic has changed through time and may change in the future due to internal and external opportunities and pressures.