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2001 Arctic GIS Workshop Report

Dear Colleague:

In January 2001, the National Science Foundation sponsored the Arctic Geographic Information Systems Workshop to bring together academic and agency researchers and private industry experts to discuss and develop recommendations to improve the use of GIS in arctic research. Over 100 participants attended the workshop, representing an international cross section of GIS expertise and arctic science interests, ranging broadly across anthropology, ecology, earth sciences, oceanography, resource management, and information science, climate change, and other fields.

The Phase I Report from the Arctic GIS Workshop, titled Recommendations for a Geographic Information Infrastructure to Support Arctic Research: Outcomes of the Arctic GIS Workshop, presents a summary of workshop discussions and recommendations to engage the larger arctic research and GIS communities in the process of developing geographic information infrastructure to support arctic research. This publication is now available as a download from the ARCUS web site by clicking on the icons above. Additional information about the workshop is also accessible from the dropdown menu above.

The Phase I Report is available only as a web published document. A final report, to be published in hard copy later this year, will provide more comprehensive community input to guide geographic information infrastructure development by NSF and other organizations.

We invite you to browse the ARCUS web site to learn more about the workshop, read poster and presentation abstracts, and download powerpoint presentations. Please report problems with the PDF download to Julia McCarthy at ARCUS by emailing webmaster [at] or calling 907/474-1600.


Wendy K. Warnick
Executive Director, ARCUS