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Marine Science in the Arctic

Following the recommendations of a planning group convened by the National Science Foundation in January 1997, the foundation asked the research community for advice and guidance in its long-term planning efforts by preparing a strategic plan for arctic marine sciences. The intent was to provide a grass-roots vision of the next decade of research in the marine Arctic.

At the behest of the foundation, and again following the 1997 planning group recommendations, a seven-member working group was appointed through the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) to develop, in concert with the broader community, the document presented here. A total of three drafts were prepared, and extensive contributions and commentaries from the research community and other interested parties were solicited and received during the entire process.

Knut Aagaard, University of Washington, Chair
Dennis Darby, Old Dominion University
Kelly Falkner, Oregon State University
Greg Flato, University of Victoria
Jackie Grebmeier, University of Tennessee
Chris Measures, University of Hawaii
John Walsh, University of Illinois