Synthesis of Arctic System Science (SASS)

The arctic system is comprised of interacting physical, biological, and human components and has demonstrated the capacity for rapid and unpredictable change with global implications. Because of the Arctic’s pivotal role in the Earth’s climate, it is critical—perhaps urgent—that we understand this system in light of abundant evidence that a set of pervasive changes are underway.

The Synthesis of Arctic System Science (SASS) effort, as part of NSF's Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Program, focuses on advancing our understanding of the arctic system by building on and integrating the wealth of existing data and knowledge to advance our understanding of linkages, interactions, and feedbacks among components of the arctic system.

SASS currently consists of 17 funded projects, with strong linkages to other ARCSS research efforts and related scientific efforts focused on the Arctic.

SASS I Projects

SASS II Projects